Railsberry Jam app – your sugar-laced mobile companion!

With just one day left to Railsberry we have a little surprise for you. To make your life at the conference even sweeter we’ve made two mobile apps (iOS & Android!) that will be your local Kraków companion!

The Railsberry Jam will send you live news, local tips and last-minute changes to the agenda. In addition, you can expect party locations, jokes, random yays – pretty much everything that could make your KRK experience more fun!

What kind of news can you expect? Well, there are four types of notifications:

Updates – anything conference related (i.e. agenda, breaks, venue)

Tips – cool stuff to do or great places to eat at in Krakow.

Party – updates on the afterparties and other great place to party in Krakow.

Random yays and lots of love from Applicake peeps :-)

Go now to the AppStore or Google’s Play and grab the one you prefer!

TIP! Railsberry Jam will ask you for permission to receive push notifications. Just to state the obvious – it’s a mechanism that lets us notify you of Railsberry updates even when you’re not using our app. We promise not to spam you too much :-)

IMPORTANT! An update for the iOS version will hit the AppStore late Wednesday (i.e. today) or early Thursday. And you definitely should get it once it’s available.

See you at Railsberry tomorrow!!!

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One Response to Railsberry Jam app – your sugar-laced mobile companion!

  1. Michal Czyz says:

    Very nice design, I like it :-)
    This is how mobile apps should look like.

    The only thing to improve could be shortcut icon – now it doesn’t look so fancy (at last not as good as the app)

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