Railsberry goes mobile… or a story of one sweet email we got one day

A few weeks ago Ela got an email from a pretty much (at the time!) random guy who wrote that he loved what we were doing and how the conference was coming along. Then he added: “I actually made a mobile version of the Railsberry website, find it attached” Right, the mail was a bit longer but this sentence was the key point ;-). After some tweaks and updates, the Railsberry mobile site went live today. Go to railsberry.com on your iPhone / Android and see for yourself!

It feels amazing (really, amazing!) to get that kind of unexpected gift. That means someone in the world cares. Gives a damn. And this is very powerful. We were thrilled, humbled and touched.

Rafał (scroll down for more) will of course join us at Railsberry in April! Sincere huge THANKS! And congrats!


So who is this guy?

Rafał is a UI Designer / Front-end developer from Bielsko-Biała. He’s been dealing with computer graphics and web development for a couple of years now. And for three years, he’s been working with RoR devs making their code look good ;-) . He loves new technologies, mobile apps and user-centered design. Read his blog or follow his tweets.

Now here’s the question  -  how badly do YOU want to get to the sweetest conference out there? We’re announcing our hackberry contest later this week.

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3 Responses to Railsberry goes mobile… or a story of one sweet email we got one day

  1. where is the application? there is no link to it :)

  2. Rafal says:

    Just go to http://railsberry.com using your mobile devise & you will be able to view it :)

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