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Railsberry goes mobile… or a story of one sweet email we got one day

A few weeks ago Ela got an email from a pretty much (at the time!) random guy who wrote that he loved what we were doing and how the conference was coming along. Then he added: “I actually made a mobile … Continue reading

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Heroku is hosting for you from the Land of Server Zen

From the land of server zen and hosting yin & yang – where brave samurais protect railsberry fields from the bad eye of the enemy – there came a fish kite with a mute traveller.  No ninjas would ever hijack the kite … Continue reading

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Happy planning, tickets and visiting the venue (pics!)

Guys, so we went to the venue today to see with our own eyes how many sweet Railsberries (= you!) it can really fit. The answer is 400 and since 90% of comments under the More tickets? blog post said … Continue reading

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Party hard with GitHub at Railsberry!

Everyone knows this cute little guy down here, right? This time, the Octocat will show up at Railsberry warm-up party to get the party started! So put-your-hands-in-the-air for GitHub – Railsberry Drinkup sponsor! Not that we really have to introduce them to anyone … Continue reading

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Get ready for the afterparty FUN with Wooga!

Believe us when we tell you that those crazy game guys in Berlin are serious for once! They said they would make sure you all have good time at Railsberry. They will actually shoot some… shots in the direction of Kraków … Continue reading

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More tickets? Tell us what you think! (do!)

You’ve heard it – the first round of Early Berry tickets sold out within minutes and that’s even after we added 50 more to the initial 100 tickets we planned to release. More tickets are booked for our amazing 22 … Continue reading

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Railsberry Twitter LOVE :) Thank YOU!

There will be another round of tickets in February. No comments needed here… but you guys are the awesomest! Zoom this pic.

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A few reasons why it’s NOT a good idea to come to Railsberry ;)

Let’s imagine YOU for a second. Yes, you. Because we KNOW what you’re thinking. You’re sitting there in front of your powerful machine. You’re somewhat curious what’s this post is going to say and maybe for a split of a … Continue reading

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Before the tickets go on sale… those 2 guys won’t need them!

Remember the “Add-a-badge-win-a-ticktet” contest? Well, as we start selling tickets next week (as soon as Amiando is ready for us ) we don’t want to keep you guys waiting. Today we’re announcing the lucky developers who will hopefully join us … Continue reading

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Feel free to CALL Tropo… Railsberry Sugar Daddy ;)

Beep, beep, beep… a both strange and persistent signal was coming from a blue-and-pink cloud that had appeared over Railsberry HQ one day at the end of 2011. Not being sure what it was and where it came from, we … Continue reading

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