This week’s Railsberry speaker specials…

Hungry for new speakers? This week we proudly present: Linda Liukas, Tom Stuart, Zach Holman and Corey Donohoe. Enjoy their short Q&A session :)

I started coding when I was…

Linda: thirteen and madly in love with the then vice-president Al Gore. I made the first (and probably last) Finnish fan page for him. Not being happy with Geocities and such, I had to learn HTML.
Tom: very young. It’s too long ago for me to remember.
Zach: nine years old and I was wearing athletic warmup pants everywhere that year. They were rad.
Corey: 19 or 20.

My favorite jam flavor:

Linda: Rasberry.
Tom: Strawberry. Come on.
Zach: Strawberry. I’ll go to town on some strawberry jam.
Corey: Raspberry.

My favorite food and drink:

Linda: Sushi and champagne.
Tom: Spicy Indian & Mexican, chocolate, coffee, cask ale and Belgian beer.
Zach: A fat filet mignon. Hendrick’s and Tonic with a muddled cucumber. YUM.
Corey: food: Kitchenette’s Portobello Burgers; drink: Sazerac Cocktail.

A book I recently read:

Linda: Patti Smith’s Just Kids. Beautiful 70s New York!
Tom: Axiomatic by Greg Egan, which was pretty good.
Zach: Dune. I was catching up on my nerd cred. Unfortunately I thought it was pretty weak so I’m probably a pretty weak nerd.
Corey: What the Dog Saw.

A concert I recently attended:

Linda: My Spotify playlists : ) Probably some Christmas carol potpourri.
Tom: Last week I saw Amon Tobin at the HMV Forum, which was amazing.
Zach: Who cares, I’m going to see Justice sometime in 2012! My pants are anticipatory of this fact.
Corey: Black Star, Mos Def and Talib Kweli

A movie I recently watched:

Linda: Urbanized by Gary Hustwit.
Tom: I recently watched The Shining, which I often do, because it’s the best film.
Zach: Dune. I was catching up on my nerd cred. Unfortunately I thought it was horrendous and David Lynch made me believe in him a little less.
Corey: Midnight in Paris

If you were given one extra day this week how would you spend it?

Linda: I’d begin drawing my children’s book on technology frameworks, starting with a super-opinionated girl heroine Ruby.
Tom: Sleeping.
Zach: I’d probably rob a bank so when they’d ask me to testify about what I did on Imaginday I could say “wait that day doesn’t actually exist so how could I have robbed a bank then?” Then they’d be forced to rub strawberry jam on their copy of Dune.
Corey: On a mountain, at the ocean, or in the woods.

Share a simple recipe you like:

Linda: Bacon, bacon, bacon… and pineapple! Sounds gross, but is actually super good. Wrap strips of bacon around chunks of fresh pineapple, pierce with a toothpick, place on baking sheet and bake in 425 F until bacon is crispy.
Tom: Apple crumble: peel and chop some cooking apples into a dish and sprinkle with sugar + mixed spice; rub together 250g flour + 175g demerara sugar + 125g margarine/butter and tip over the apples; bake at 200°C for 30–40 minutes. I could eat this every day.
Zach: One part Ellen Page, two parts tropical pool vacation, and me.
Corey: This one. Everyone always enjoys it and it’s easy to make.

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  1. Ela says:

    Love the Bacon + pineapple combo by Linda!

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